Partenariat D&V et F&F

Taste wine and learn French !

It is already well known that the french cuisine is one of the best in the world. The French gastronomy is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage! France is also famous for its amazing terroir, the source of some of the bests wines in the world. Now you know why millions of people worldwide […]

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All about Winemaking

Good morning! A different type of article is waiting for you today. Complicated but educational, let’s talk about Winemaking. So what is Winemaking? The process of transforming grapes into wine is called vinification. It should be first pointed out that the process can differ depending on the type of wine (red, white, rosé) and regional […]

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Visite et dégustation

The visitors have the floor

In order to celebrate the first visitors of our partner winemakers, we have asked them to share their impressions on their visit and wine tasting. To meet the visitors’ expectations, a good tour should “not only consist in tasting or buying wine, but also in having a direct contact with the producer who explains his/her […]

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